My name is Christine Vermeersch.

I am a doula and also a mommy of six children.

I love to assist women with their births and I have had the privilege to witness this most  sacred event for almost two years.

When I  am not helping mommies birth their babies I enjoy spending time with my own children, knitting, reading and gardening.

My Birth-philosophy!

Very simple, I do not have one!

I believe that it is up to you to give me a birth philosophy. Meaning I will support You in Your vision and Your desire for Your birth. It is my goal to prepare you and your partner to birth this baby together in complete love, and to trust in the power of a woman’s body.

My part in your birth!

It is my goal to educate you in choices and options, to give you the power to make educated and well informed decisions. I am always by your side with soft voice and gentle hands to guide you and your partner with breathing techniques, position changes, massage and a myriad of relaxation exercises. I will help you make a birth plan and remind the nurses and yourselves of choices and preferences stated in your birth plan..

At all times do you have the freedom to change your mind.

A birth plan is written on paper, not set in stone and it can be changed accordingly during labor.

What do I bring to your birth?

Most importantly and open mind, gentle hands a compassionate heart and a positive vocabulary.

My bag of tricks includes:

  1. a birthball                        

  2. a Labor link                     

  3. TENS unit                       

  4. CD’s                                

  5. organic essential oils to help with discomfort, nausea etc..

  6. handheld massagers

  7. Aromatherapy sprays for relaxation and focus

  8. Bach Flower Essences, tinctures, creams and lozenges

  9. battery operated candles

When you decide to hire me as your doula,  the following will happen:

  1. - we will meet two or three times,  to get to know each other and to talk about your expectations, concerns,  procedures etc...

  2. -you must call me when you think labor has started,  whether you need me or not.  I shall come to your home or meet you at the hospital.

  3. -I will stay with you at all times during labor and birth.

  4. -I will stay with you several hours after the baby is born.

  5. -we will have two postpartum visits or more as needed.

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