I provide two pre-natal visits, during which we make a birth plan and talk about your desires and vision for this birth. A birthplan is not imperative but it is nice to have a reminder of what your initial wishes and desires were.I have an extensive library from which you are free to borrow books.When labor starts I will come to your home or I will join you and your partner in the hospital. I will help you and your partner with your birth, be liaison between you and family members waiting in the waiting room. I will keep the space for you so you can birth in a safe and nurturing environment.Most importantly I will make sure that your wishes are respected. I will stay with you for a few hours after birth to help with breastfeeding. If you have chosen placenta encapsulation, I will pack and prepare the placenta for transport. One or two postpartum visits usually at one week and two weeks after birth, or as needed! I will be on call for you two weeks before your EDD.

I welcome family members in the birthroom as long as they are respectful of your space and wishes.

Sometimes the best laid plans need to be changed, if that is the case I will provide a back-up for you. This doula will be a very close match to my own personality and energy.

My fee is 950 dollars, payable in two installments.

At 32 weeks of gestation or signing of the contract 400 dollars is due.

At 38 weeks of gestation the remainder of 550 dollars is due.

This is usually also the last pre-natal visit.

I also offer belly casting for an additional fee of 150 dollars.

Upon request I will provide postpartum services for 25 dollars an hour.

Service Area.

I am located in south San Jose and I serve families in  the South Bay from Redwood City to the north,  through Santa Cruz to the south and Monterey.

Serving all Kaiser Hospitals, Sequoia Redwood City,  Stanford,  El Camino Mountain View, El Camino Los Gatos, Good Samaritan,  O'Connor, Sutter Santa Cruz,  Dominican Hospital Santa Cruz.

I also work at all birth centers and love to be part of your home birth.